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New Installations

Building a new house? We can help! We offer a complete line of Air Conditioning and Heating systems and accessories. Our estimating department will set up a time to go over the different criteria used in properly sizing your Air Conditioning System. 

Walls, Windows, Insulation factors all play a role in determining the size and type of system that will be needed. While other companies hire someone to do these calculations, we have our own staff to handle it, so the calculated system is something we can stand behind!

Once the system type and size is determined our expert staff gets to work, ensuring that all aspects of the job are held to the highest degree of scrutiny. When all is said and done, you’re left with a professionally installed, high quality system that will last for years to come.


At Duncan’s Heating & Air Conditioning, we service all makes and models of equipment! In addition to expert training for our entire staff, our service techs carry a majority of the common parts in their vehicles. Not only does this get your home or business back up and running quicker, but it saves you time and money! If the part is on the truck, you’re not paying for the trip to the supply house and back.

Our team is fully trained to examine and diagnose any possible issue!


Let’s face it, new or old systems will require some routine maintenance. Entire air conditioning systems can be expensive, so a regular maintenance schedule can save you some major headaches down the road!

Air Filters are easy enough for a home and/or business owner to change themselves but there’s a lot more involved in a maintenance schedule. Refrigerant levels, evaporator coil condition, condensing unit cleanliness, etc. needs to be checked as well.

Duncan’s Heating & Air Conditioning can set up a routine maintenance schedule for your home or office and keep you up and running, avoiding big problems and even bigger bills!


It’s a fact of life as a homeowner that somewhere along the line you will have to replace at least some part of your Air Conditioning System. Whether it’s the indoor air handler or the outdoor condensing unit, Duncan’s Heating & Air Conditioning can more than meet your needs. 

We work with you to select the system(s) to best meet your needs. Once the replacement items are agreed upon, our quality team of installers goes to work replacing all of the bad components with new, quality components. This can be as simple as the outdoor condensing unit or as complex as an entire system, duct work and all. In fact, on a complete change out we can redesign the entire system to better meet your needs!

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